Thursday, November 29, 2012


I did it! I got up and ran 3.1 miles this morning, and believe me when I say that getting out the door today was much more difficult than I had anticipated.

Shortly after I wrote last night's post, Chris announced that he was feeling very sick. He was up most of the night with a tummy bug. It was pretty bad for him. I was also awake for much of last night. I was worried about him, but also selfishly worried how this was going to affect my big plan - the same plan that I'd just posted for all the world to see. I tossed and turned, in and out of sleep, wondering if I should just turn off my alarm and bag the whole plan until next week. I stressed over the fact that these tummy bugs usually spread like wildfire through our household. Who would be the next victim, and when?

When my coffeemaker went off at 5:51am, I checked on Chris. He was feeling a bit better and encouraged me to run, as planned. The boys were still snoring away. I drank my coffee and had a few unexpected to chores to tackle before I hit the road, thanks to my poor sick hubby. But I still managed to get out (just!) before 7:00am, which was my goal.

It was cold, but invigorating. I enjoyed a gorgeous sunrise and some of my neighbors' Christmas lights. I probably even ran a little faster than I normally would have, because I didn't want Chris to have to manage the morning routine alone. Less than 30 minutes later, I was back inside my warm kitchen. It was not even 7:30am, and my workout was done for the day! What a feeling, especially on a busy day.

Today was such a good lesson for me. There will be roadblocks to making these morning runs part of my routine. There will be days when no one will know if I stay in bed and skip the run, except me. I will know, but I need to remember today. Today's run felt so good because I managed to get out despite the obstacles. 


  1. I wish that I had your motivation Robyn! As you know, my dad has been a runner since the early 80s. He is 65 years old and still runs 6-10 miles 3x a week or more. I have always been envious of him...and still continue to be! I have wanted to become a runner so many times, but I cant seem to get my fat butt out of the door, which I hear is the hardest part! Maybe someday. :)

  2. Leah, the hardest part is getting out the door. Even after almost 5 years, I still struggle with motivation many days, particularly if the weather isn't perfect. But at the same time, I'm also addicted to the feeling running gives me. My advice is to try a walk-to-run program (couch to 5K) now that the boys are getting bigger. You can do it!